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Florida Registered Investment Advisor
CRD number 170794
Striving For Excellence
We support investment accounts, 401(k), IRAs, UTMA, rollovers, UGMA and more
AMZN +0.75
DJI +66.02
AAPL -0.94
GOOGL -1.14%
S&P +13.22
+70 powerful
To keep track of your investments
Up to 90%
Of our investment decisions are with a long-term horizon
Comission free
We enjoy free trading windows to help minimize your cost
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We make sure all our clients are well informed and understand us
with the latest security technology
Monthly statements, tax forms readily available
No hidden fees. Clients know exactly what they are charged
We can buy decimal share points
We eat our
own cooking
We are personally invested in the portfolio


Flat annual advisory fee
  • Flat brokerage fee of $8.30 a month
  • Two free trading windows
  • Minimum investment of $100 a month
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Sonoman Investments LLC is a investment registered advisor under the state of Florida. The company is located at 1198 Venetian Way, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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